Follow these links to see examples of my web design work!

Cottage Grove Christian Reformed Church
I redesigned the website for Cottage Grove CRC in 2014. This redesign was basically starting from scratch – new content, new design, new CMS (using WordPress), and more. This rebuild included a custom WordPress theme. Coming in 2017, a refreshed version of this site will be launched. This site, also using WordPress as the CMS, and will include responsive design for web and mobile user. Images from this design are available in the gallery below, with more images coming as the page progresses.

Kingma Christmas Tree Farm
I designed a full website – from scratch, using HTML, CSS, and a little JavaScript.  I worked closely with the client to make sure their needs were met.  I also was able to work with them to create a brand that professionally portrayed their business.

Four Sisters’ Gutsy Challenge
I worked with the four sisters to create a more complex website for their assigned fundraising page.  The four sisters were limited to 1200 characters on a fundraising page.  The site I created was put in an iframe to work within the limitations.  Although the full site is no longer available, you can check out the iframe by clicking here.  This web page was placed within a box on a full site.

Gallery of web design images:


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